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Tricia Lim

Tricia Lim

What do you remember the most? Was it the last thing you read or the last thing you saw? Chances are it’s the one with visual content. After all, we’re more inclined towards visuals. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!

Isn’t that amazing how humans are visually wired that way?

As technology evolves, so do consumers’ preferences for consuming content. We’re on the lookout for value-based and visually appealing content. Additionally, our current digital landscape is so competitive that many businesses compete in fighting for their audience’s attention by staying current with unique and relevant visual content. 

You might already know this, but content marketing’s all about creating helpful content that people will benefit from and tell others. Both written and visual content have their parts to play because while written content powers the search, visual content can engage your audience and ultimately convert them into customers.

video marketing growth chart

Visual content is continuously growing, and it’ll be here to stay. 

Let’s dive into what visual marketing is and why it’s essential for your brand!

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What is visual marketing?

Visual marketing is the process of marketing with photos, videos and other visual elements that attest to the value of your product or brand. Although visual content marketing does include videos, it can also come in infographics, image-based memes and other types of visual content. Visual marketing campaigns are more likely to be shared and get clicks than text ads would.

As a business, investing in visual marketing is invaluable to your overall marketing strategy. When done right, you can increase your brand awareness and reputation effectively.

Why does it matter for brands?

With all the information overload we experience daily, brands need to think out of the box to be unique and engaging in their offerings.

Visual marketing can be invaluable because, at our core, human beings are very visual. That’s why the information presented in a visual form is much more likely to stick than another type of marketing content.

Plus, visual marketing is free for all! Your brand can benefit from using visual content in your marketing, no matter what industry you’re in.

Here’s what you need to know about visual marketing:

1. Visual content increases engagement

It’s no secret that visual content is more engaging than other forms of content. If it has us hooked and engaged, we’re more likely to form a positive experience with the people and brand behind the content! 

However, engagement comes from creating the right content. But since visual content engages the human brain better, it’s a no brainer to incorporate visual content into your marketing strategy. MDG Advertising says that 60% of people are more likely to consider buying a product or hiring a service image in search results. Moreover, social media posts with images see over twice the engagement of those without images.

Headspace creates animated videos to complement their work as a mindfulness and meditation app. What’s great about these animated videos is that they work well for YouTube ads, social media, and websites as they’re super easy to process and digest. The bonus from creating these videos the first time is repurposing them to share across your social platforms, like how Headspace does it for Instagram.

This approach is fantastic for brands to showcase their products whilst embracing their unique brand style and voice.

2. It helps you build deep connections with your audience

Research has shown that 93% of all communication is visual. That’s why visual content attracts our attention and has the power to affect our emotions, attitudes and decisions.

Visual inputs generate emotions so that when we see them, our emotions lead us to form a deeper connection with the content and the people behind it. For example, when we see a visually captivating advertisement with a powerful message, our imagination takes the reins, and sometimes it sparks associations, memories and desires in us. 

Since feelings drive humans, some purchases are heavily influenced by emotions, while it slightly influences others. As marketers, you can leverage visual content to elicit emotional and subconscious responses to influence your customers to purchase. 

Other times, creative visual content can trigger feelings that lead to passion-driven decisions. It’s also beneficial to encourage dialogue between your brand and your customers.

Thai Life Insurance did just that. This campaign pulls at viewers’ heartstrings, makes them empathise with the main character of this story and connect with their brand. This is one of the examples of how brands can build deep connections with their customers through a strong visual marketing strategy.

3. Visual marketing is memorable and effective

Considering our diminishing attention span over the decades, using visual marketing helps brands combat that. Visual content has the upper hand over written text regarding how fast we absorb and digest information. A study by Brain Rules shows that when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if you pair a relevant image with that information, people retain 65% of the information three days later. If that isn’t enough proof for you, here’s another: while consumers only retain 20% of what they read, they can retain 80% of the visuals they see. Imagine having your efforts under maximised when your audience doesn’t even remember half of what they consume!

of what they SEE and DO
of what they READ
of what they HEAR

Even the act of adding colour to your content alone will boost your audience’s engagement towards it! Statistics prove that coloured visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80%. So remember to incorporate colour into your visual content if you want to keep your audience engaged.

visual marketing statistic

Source: Oberlo

4. Visuals leave a lasting impression

People make snap decisions and judgements. The human brain forms its first impression in 50 milliseconds, and with visual marketing on your side, you can make sure that you’re making a positive one on your viewers. Our minds can recollect information about a company faster if we have seen its visual representation in visual content or more! Naturally, that’s how visual marketing can help build a stronger brand image in customers’ minds. Visual marketing makes a lasting impression and helps the brand stand out from the crowd. Remember that the visual content you create should be valuable and helpful in making a worthwhile and lasting impression.

Wrap It Up

In a nutshell, visual marketing can be an effective and memorable way to engage with your audience because it helps people process, understand and retain information quickly. If you’re not already leveraging it in your marketing strategy, here’s the gentle nudge you need to give it a try! Visual content can come in many forms, so explore what works for your audience, and you’ll see how it’ll benefit your brand too.

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