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The Top Instagram Reels Trends Right Now

Tricia Lim

Tricia Lim

Tricia Lim

Tricia Lim

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Discover the hottest Instagram trends on Instagram Reels this month to spice up your strategy. 

We keep up with the latest Instagram Reel trends so that you don’t have to! Scroll on to find inspiration to film your next Reel with trending audio.

Table of Contents

Trend: Somebody That I Used to Know

This song by Gotye has made a comeback on the Instagram Reels scene and here’s how you can hop on the trend.

You can use this audio for almost anything–product highlights, photo dumps, food videos, and so on!

Trend: Chiquitita x ABBA spedup version

This audio is perfect for this summer season to share your journey, before and after transformations, or holiday photo dumps. 

Trend: Intoxicated

If you’re looking to add some hype to your Reel, this is the audio for you. One of the best tips for using Reel audios is to sync your videos or pictures to the beat.

You’ll see this audio used amongst fashion bloggers, photographers, and inspo ideas. 

Trend: Massive by Drake

Drake fan or not, his lead single from his latest album, “Honestly, Nevermind” has blown up on Reels. 

What’s not to love about this high-energy beat? 

This audio is funky for sharing vlogs, event recaps, product photoshoots, or travel destination ideas. 

Trend: Freaks

There’s just something about peaceful and aesthetic montages that we just love. This acoustic version of Surf Curse’s “Freaks” is perfect for sharing your dreamiest travel highlights and memories. 

Trend: Cool Kids

This audio is great for sharing growth with before and after clips. It’s typically captioned with “young me would go into cardiac arrest if they saw me now” followed by the transformation videos. 

Trend: ABBA Angeleyes

Another ABBA classic has made a comeback this summer. This audio can be used for flashback Reels, mini vlogs, recipe ideas, tutorials, you name it.

Wrap up

That’s all you need to know about the top Instagram Reels trends this month! Bookmark this blog to stay up to date with future Reels trends.

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